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The sweetdough

Sweet Dough is a new-generation new-variety bakery house. Each of our servings, from cakes to pastries, from tarts to sweet-flavoured rolls, adhere to the strict standards of perfection and elegance.

We at Sweet Dough aim to set a new trend of providing online service to our customers with a one-of-a-kind menu leaving them wanting for more. We take pride in using natural ingredient for our cakes and desserts. Our treats are as deliciously wholesome as they are beautifully decorated. Our vision is to create an upscale, quick-serve bakery with a focus on simple and satisfying desserts and baked foods.

Why we?

Apart from the freshness of our products and the fact that we bake everything ourselves, we offer customers long opening hours every day of the week, which allows convenient shopping experience and is a part of what makes us a great neighbourhood bakery. Whether you need the perfect cake for a special occasion or cookies for you co-workers, our dedicated staff is eager to make your experience with us unforgettable.


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